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Dave Donelson speaks to groups of all sizes about Heart of Diamonds and current events in the Congo.

WBAI-FM 2009 Fundraiser AfroBeat Radio Interview
Nigerian journalist Wuyi Jacobs interviews Dave Donelson about how Heart of Diamonds came to be.  They discuss current events in the Congo, Dave’s travels in Africa, and how his novel compares to Conrad’s Heart of Darkness in Inside Heart of Daimonds (mp3).- a good broadband connection will ensure that the media files on this page will  load faster.

18th Annual Westchester Library System Book & Author Luncheon
Dave Donelson was one of four authors featured at this annual fund-raiser for the 38 libraries in Westchester County, NY.  His address dealt with the theme Why Congo Matters (mp3).

View Dave’s complete remarks about libraries and the Congo below.


St. John’s University -
An innovative associate professor of economics and finance at St. John’s University in New York, Dr. Joyce Furfero, assigned the students in her class on Economic Growth and Development to read Heart of Diamonds and report on how the book reveals the state of economic development in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Dave Donelson then visited the class and discussed the social, political, and economic conditions he observed during his visits to Central Africa to research the novel.  During the program, he displayed photos, read passages from the novel, and answered questions from the class.

On The Level With Hezi Aris
Suburban media maven Hezi Aris recently invited me to appear on his WVOX-AM program, "On The Level With Hezi Aris" to discuss events in the Congo and Heart of Diamonds. An mp3 version of the program is available for download at Hezi's NY Times-recognized blog, The Yonkers Tribune.

Readers’ Groups
Your Readers’ Group or Book Club will find Heart of Diamonds a provocative selection.

The Readers’ Group Guide (pdf) will increase your club’s enjoyment.  It contains...

  • Why Read Heart of Diamonds?
  • Synopsis
  • Author Biography
  • Suggested Background Reading
  • Characters In Order of Appearance
  • Suggested Discussion Questions
  • Just For Fun
    • Menus & Recipes
    • Cast The Movie
    • Trace Their Steps
    • Bookmarks

Dave Donelson is also available for readings and discussion with your group in person, online, or over the telephone. 
Contact us to discuss how he can visit your group.