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Dave DonelsonDave Donelson’s career as a broadcaster, entrepreneur, and writer has taken him from the jungles of Australia’s Cape York Peninsula to the minarets of Riyadh.  He’s climbed the spire of the Empire State Building, floated the Usumacinta River to the Mayan ruins at Piedras Negras in Guatemala, and photographed the tree-climbing lions and mountain gorillas of Uganda.  

Dave’s inquisitive, active lifestyle finds its way into freelance writing and photographic assignments for magazines like Disney’s FamilyFun, Woodworker’s Journal, and Las Vegas Magazine.  Closer to home, he writes features for Westchester Magazine as well as a regular column on golf.  He is a member of the prestigious Metropolitan Golf Writers Association.    

His first novel, Hunting Elf, began as an audio book at www.huntingelf.com and was published as a trade paperback in 2006.  K9 Perspective called it “…a delicious romp through the suburbs of New York.”   

Dave’s first book was Creative Selling (Entrepreneur Press, 2000), a non-fiction prescriptive described by Brian Tracy as “…a terrific book on selling.”  As a business journalist, he writes for The Christian Science Monitor, Family Business Magazine, and dozens of trade pDave Donelson on assignmentublications serving industries from the automotive aftermarket to sporting goods retailing.  

The latest addition to Dave’s portfolio is The Dynamic Manager’s Guide series, a set of ebooks, audio books, and trade paperbacks designed to help small business owners and managers improve their company’s performance.

Dave has a BA in Rhetoric and Public Address from Missouri Western State University.  He serves as a Trustee for the Westchester Library System, a consortium of 38 public libraries serving Westchester County, NY.  He is also a Trustee of the Westchester Historical Society, a member of the International Thriller Writers’ Association, the Metropolitan Golf Writers’ Association, and an affiliate of the Purchase College Writer’s Center.  He lives in West Harrison, NY, with his wife, Nora, and an ever-changing roster of dogs and cats.

Visit www.davedonelson.com for a selection of Dave’s work.  You’ll also find him on MySpace, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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