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“Unveiling reality through fiction, Heart of Diamonds is a brilliant story that contours in words the ongoing internal strife of the Congo as caused by human greed.”
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“I LOVED Heart of Diamonds. Gosh, I lost valuable hours of sleep, work and blogging because I could not put the thing down.”
--read the full review at The Global Sociology Blog
“Dave Donelson's new novel is a riveting ride of intrigue, greed, corruption and romance. I loved the twists and turns and was overwhelmed by the beauty and despair of the Congo which forms the backdrop of this roller coaster ride.”
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“Heart of Diamonds is addictive--you'll be captivated by its continuing series of turns and twists. Its detail is so vivid, the reader gets lost in its elegant prose, and spends each and every page feeling as if they're right alongside the characters.”
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“This well-plotted thriller starts with a rebel attack on a Congolese village as told by a boy soldier who was captured and pressed into service in the raid. His tale sets the book's tone, which builds slowly to a high-octane finish.”
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“Valerie Grey, the heroine of Heart of Diamonds, is one of the more nuanced characters in a popular novel.”
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“This book offers both intricate, exciting action and compelling, well-drawn characters. . . . . There's enough sometimes-bloody action and intense suspense to please the most demanding thriller addict.”
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“If you want action, this thriller is for you. From the beginning when a doctor is confronted by an AK-47-wielding rebel soldier to the wild ride in an assault helicopter at the end, Heart of Diamonds is one heart-stopper after another.”
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“The plot was outstanding and one cannot help but get emotionally attached to the characters as they face the day to day struggles that chase them wherever they go.”
--read the full review at The Library At The End Of The Universe
Heart of Diamonds has something for almost every reader, a touch of romance, suspense, and intrigue; this is an action packed thriller.”
--read the full review at Review Your
“I enjoyed this book. It had everything I was looking for ~ entertainment, action, suspense and mystery along with intrigue and a dash of romance.”
--read the full review at The Printed Page
“Famous television journalist Valerie Grey went to the Democratic Republic of Congo to cover the seemingly endless and bloody war that's being waged between rival Congolese factions. What she found was a multibillion-dollar diamond smuggling scheme that began with slave labor, was orchestrated by both a famous American televangelist and the Congo's controversial dictator and blazed a trail of corruption all the way to the White House.”
--read the full review and interview in the Litchfield County Times
“ of the most positive aspects of the book was Donelson’s realistic portrayal of the main characters and the warlike conditions in Africa.”
--read the full review at J. Kaye’s Book Blog